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Originally Posted by Senatore_M84 View Post
there is a german bar i go to from time to time (theres pics in 'post your pic thread). They sell das boot..... a boot filled with 84 oz. of beer.

I've made friends with the maitre d. Some 65+ year old bavarian man always in leiderhosen. He might be first man who turned me into a schweinstagger fan, as any mention of bastian is a free round of beers.

I can't do that to him. After all free beer he's given me over years
Then just knock your head lightly on his elbow and then ask someone to red card him. Everything's is cheated in this WC, why can't you cheat with a hex?

And who knows if he's in California because he had to run away from Mississipi after his KKK group got caught.
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