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Overall I believe we controlled the game well except for the first 15-20 mins of the second half. I think the team as a whole is growing and learning and that includes Gattuso. He seems to me like a reactionary coach, kinda reminds me of Allegri in a way.

If things are going okay he kind of doesn't really try to change it. In the game it was painfully obvious that Roma's 3 in the back was a disaster for them and they would have to change in half-time, as they were getting beat in the middle and their wingbacks were being pushed back by hakan and suso. They changed to a back 4 brought an Elsha for pace and width and that really bothered us. Suddenly their lackluster press was effective and they equalized and were looking like they were gonna take the lead. I think Gattuso could have prepared the team tactically better for the changes roma were bound to make in the second half.

Overall though he made some brave substitutions that paid off. Bring on 2 pacey players in Samu and Laxalt was a brilliant move even though there was an obvious lack of cohesion and familiarity from them to the rest of the players. That is to be expected with new players in a new system and in Samus case a totally new league.

I liked what I saw from them both honestly and would definitely introduce laxalt into the starting 11 as he looked very solid defensively and got up and down well albeit against a tired roma team.
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