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Originally Posted by manutd fan View Post
Read this, then shut it:




Those are exact quotes. I said you could get promoted, meaning that right now, you're in a lower league than me (the league that you said was behind a monkey). To that you replied you couldn't get there unless you reached 100.

Now do you see it? Good fucking lord. Now, jog on back to your disease ridden, rat infested, mud hut in Bangladesh

I was inspired by the 2 girls one cup series
All, right my bad

So I interpretated it wrong, so what?

English aint my first language, so that makes me an idiot?

Wtf does it change about what I wanted to actually say?


How about you? The one who can't fucking differentiate between hating a fuckin' football team and a country so in typical idiotic self believes it to be the latter...

And nice to see your true racist cunt self coming out. The same dude who took offense to 'england followed by a couple of emoticons'...

EDIT: I am officially done with this racist asshole
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