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Originally Posted by nonsonoqui View Post
So I was at Casa Milan a few weeks ago. It is worth the hype for sure, even if they're working on adding parts. The food at the restaurant was pretty decent too. Great layout, and the location is great--a 8 minute walk from the metro stop.

Here is a video of Maldini as a hologram that I took. Enjoy
Hi mate!

Sorry for quoting you but since you've been already at Casa Milan I thought maybe you can help me out (and the answers might be interesting for other memebers that's why I'm not PMing you).

I'm planing to visit Casa Milan on the occasion of Juve-Match the 22nd october. I'll visit first Mondo Milan and then have a cosy meal with some relatives while watching the game on the maxi-schermos.
  • Now I've checked the website (which is working super-slow omg). I've seen it's possible to order tickets for the visit of Mondo Milan here.
  • For Cucina Milanello there is a phone number to call and book a table: Click!

Do you have any tips or other things you'd consider? Like when is the best time to visit the museum? Is it better in the early afternoon? Or let's say closer to the evening so one can go directly from the museum to the match?

How long does it take to visit the museum? Let's say for a hardcore fan like me who doesn't just walk through and only look at the images but one who wants to read through everything and so on? Is there anything special I should consider when booking a table at Cucina Milan?

Thanks in advance for you ranswers and cheers
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