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Originally Posted by Mr. Milanista View Post
is Casa Milan open sundays? We'll be there saturday derby weekend but we thought of exploring Milano a bit then party at night. So visiting Casa Milan is an option for sunday if it's open

Yes it's open on sundays too and it's definitely worth to visit it! Well, as a Milan fan it's a MUST I'd even say [emoji6]

Originally Posted by Jasper View Post
God damn your pictures are so much better than mine

Know a thing or two about photography or just new phones are wuality + instagram trained?

Maybe bit of both but with todays phones and apps to boost your photos it's easier anyway bjt thanks [emoji1360]

Originally Posted by nonsonoqui View Post
Sorry, Alo...didn't see your post! Looks like it worked out anyway .

Yeah don't worry it worked out perfectly [emoji4]

Originally Posted by Fusiproe12 View Post
our museum is excellent, good job Barbara and fantastic photos Alo

glad you enjoyed it

Thanks bro and yes, the museum and the whole Casa Milan thing is really a fantastic job by Barbara! [emoji1360]
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