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Originally Posted by Mr C
You do speak sense, i'd love to him if Drogba or Lampard got injured

What gets me is how he cries bout the transfer market because they get conned into paying rediculous prices, well maybe he shouldn't have gone splashing the cash like a footballers wife in a shoe shop....
well... he created the recent trend for splashin' stupid money... he has to deal with it now... it all comes back to bite him in his butt... and he is feelin' the sting from it...

the thing is he is complainin' about a lack of squad depth... but only 2 vital players in his plans are injured... Cech & Terry... and he lost Gallas (very important to his plans considerin' that he let Huth go as well) for Cole (who isn't as important seein' that Bridge is good enough)... especially stupid...


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