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Originally Posted by Capitão Lugano View Post
Is the referees allowed to use the tv or it's like football? The players don't seem to complain too much about the refereeing. Seems to be way more easy to whistle than football..
They are allowed to use tv ...but it's mostly limited to tries(goals) being awarded or not ...for foul play ..etc they are cited and have to appear in a sports court to sort it out ...some get banned for 9 weeks etc

Originally Posted by Capitão Lugano View Post
Why did they form a ruck after John Smith's tackle? Springboks advantage because the All Blacks let the ball touch the field?

Riots on rugby is way better than football, haha. Big badass guys pushing each other and no Xavis and Iniestas diving.

Anyway I think that Springboks could be better if black guys got even more interested to rugby. In american football they run like bullets, no one can stop them.
rucks are usually formed after a tckle .....Fights are always better in rugby :

gotta love the french

The thing about south african blacks is that they are more on the slender side ...and don't have the build to make it in rugby ...+ the skills required to tackle prop etc etc ....but like i said there are some very promising youngsters coming through the ranks
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