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Originally Posted by Jivara
man utd are very market oriented like real and barca ... i know you like them and i dont deny their great history (which real madrid and barca also share) but man utd always wanna spend big on anyone, i consider milan and liverpool more classy to be honest, they have different european pedigree and have a different vibe within the squad.
I couldnt disagree more.

we respect our former players more/as much as anyone, every single player that has had a good career with us gets offered a coaching job.

liverpool don't.

we are constantly doing things for the munich victims, (they all came to watch the final aswell)

Liverpool cheat by diving a lot, yet they never get critisised by the media for it, the likes of torres, Gerrard, Babel etc.

There fans are disgraceful. always banging on about Munich, watch any Liverpool - Manutd match, theres is about 20 banners saying things about munich and the club don't stop them, wheras a few years back someone brought in a banner about heysel and we chucked them out, and banned them for life.

for instance, remember when Alan Smith broke his ankel and dislocated at the same time? Well the liverpool fans wouldnt move away fro the ambulance amd then grafitied it while it was trying to get to the hospital.

Liverpool have a history of tapping up players, not so much recently but in the past they have.

Just because your market orientated doesnt reflect class, it just shows you are good at business, Liverpool are also quickly increasing with this anyway.

We don't spend big on 'anyone', we do it for those players we need.
Actually if you look at the spending under Rafa, it has been MORE than what we have spent, the difference is Rafa has brough in about 20 players, all worth around 8M, but then sold them for 2M.
There was a thread about Manutd's spending on a liverpool forum, i joined and showed them the table of spending and i got banned for 'causing touble' when i had acted respectfully.

Just because a team has more pedigree in terms of success doesnt make them a more classy club. Madrid have more pedigree than anyone, yet i think they are totally classless.

this 'vibe' you mention, what do you mean? you may remembr a few fights (literally) in there squad last season so the 'vibe' isnt great there.

plus we give more to charity than any other club in Europe, fair enough that could be down to the fact that we get more money coming in for merchandising though.
Every month all of our player go to hospices to see the children, and all of the sick have life long passes to come and watch there faviorite players train and have match tickets - liverpool don't do this.

Take that scottish player that passed away earlier in the season, we have given them money for the family amongst other things.

We always congradulate winners on our website, we always say good luck to those who have been injured i.e eduardo.

We never go personal with insults (madrid the exception) wheras Rafa and liverpool are constantly doing this. the Gareth Barry saga is the latest thing.

plus liverpool always make excuses, like arsenal, and never give credit to the other team. sore losers.

just my opinion though, but as much as people don't like manutd, most none big 4 supporting fans believe that we are by miles the classiest of the 'big 4'.

anyway back on topic:

here is a video of ronaldo's goals this season:

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