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Originally Posted by radioactivenerd

i think they colsed it, they close every thread which shows them in a bad light.

they have deleted the threard where we won the CL, because there was som many munich jibes, when we beat them 1-0 in 07, i think when we beat them 3-0 aswell, all got deleted, i'll look just incase though.

edit: it seems they have deleted it, but i did find this amusing post highlighting the dillusion they have:

'Are we better than United and Arsenal?

Yes! I'd say so.

Look at Arsenal.Look at their midfield.They don't have a Masher, a Stevie.Look at their defence.They don't have a Sammi lad an Agger or a Carra nor do they have a Skrtel.

Look at Adebayor.He's scored goals, but he's no 'Nando.Nando, the beautiful blonde goal scorer.The all round total player.Envy is what I see from down London way.And after the Inter game, I saw envy the world over.

Look at United.Who would you honestly take out of their lot?Ronaldo?Maybe.Rooney?No.Not good enough.Anderson, their new shining light..... he's a poor mans Lucas.Nani, with all his tricks and shimmies - no end product.Jermaine is the best crosser of a ball I have seen in decades.Give him time, and he will rule.Look at Evra, Vidic and Ferdinand - all error prone.They're not Carra's.Carra - the local lad, the Scouser.He's one of us and he's the worlds best.On a par with Beckenbauer.Envy is what I see from Manchester way.Ferguson knows it.We know it.Harry Kewell knew it when he signed and he was right.

This seasons title challenge has been ruined because of Hicks and co.Only the off-field uncertainties have stopped us from winning the league.As soon as we get DIC in, we will be back where we belong.With the world holding it's breath, in awe of our heroic footballing deeds.


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