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Originally Posted by Soldier_of_god View Post
Maybe. I am not sure. I agree though. GSP is GOAT for sure. There is no doubt about it but tyron is coming for him. For me I feel that Woodley at his best beats GSP cause he is just that good now. It's a shame we will never know though. Woodley reckons he wants to fight the winner of Whittaker vs gastulem btw. Should be interesting.
I actually really believe gastulem is the guy to dethrone Woodley.

What do you think about Douglas lima curu?
He is tremendous fighter and would comfortably be top 3/4 in ufc imo.
WW division is really weak right now, I think he'd be toss up against guys like Lawler, RDA, Till. I think he'd give Covington a good fight.

None of these guys will dethrone Woodley, Gastelum maybe has the skill set but I don't think he can do it. Dude can hardly make the WW.

Woodley is good, he may be as good as GSP level, I would actually like to see him fight Ben Askren. Our of any skill sets that can challenge Woodley's out there, I think Ben Askren's wrestling ranks top. Now Woodley can also knock out Askren, but it's at least a fight worthy of seeing. Time to prove he can overcome the wrestle-fuck

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