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UltrÃ* of Lazio show a banner for Mussolini near Piazza Loreto

"Honor to Benito Mussolini". This is the neo-fascist provocation signed by the Irreducibles of Lazio, traveling to Milan for the Italian Cup semi-final against Milan. Around 2 pm a large group of biancocelesti ultrÃ*s (in all about fifty) exhibited in Corso Buenos Aires, near Piazzale Loreto, a banner with the writing for the Duce accompanied by Roman greetings and fascist chants and slogans.

The response of Roberto Cenati, the Milanese president of Anpi, was not long in coming: «It is unbearable for such provocations to take place on the eve of April 25th. We ask the authorities to identify those responsible ".

lazio are scum.
What will Lega Serie A do about it?

... I think all of you expect what they're going to do.
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