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Originally Posted by manutd fan View Post
Although I've heard before that in Brazil he isn't rated as highly as he is accross Europe. Romario is said to be the "star" of the last 20 years. Can't remember where I heard that though.
My post on the previous page?

Anyway Madridista is right. Also one can't forget Romário was a very charismatic figure, scored 1000 goals in his career (something incredible in modern football). That's how those TOP players are compared, smetimes it's beyond football itself.

Zidane is a strange case. Brazilians usually are very provincial when it comes to football, but I think the fact he kicked Brazil out of two World Cups made him something of a myth, maybe more feared and respected than loved, but rated even higher here than another places. Also, he is a the kind of player that Brazilians love, a classical #10 with incredible skills, and born to shine at WC's.

BTW I consider Zidane the best player I've seen too.

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