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This is by Sandro on Milan News, makes a good point

If Merkel had been a Manchester United player at this time would already be in the first team for some time, have already made ​​significant experiences, would have accrued in personality and become an important investment for your company.
Unfortunately for him he grew up in Milan and in AC Milan to play the young must be ... old. Merkel had amply demonstrated in the few pieces that were offered, only eighteen years old, from Milan to be sure: good technique, game viewing, running, and even personality (ask Ibra, in this regard, sent to hell for not returned the ball in an important occasion).
Yet, curiously, in a midfield that has high technical values ​​but also need to extensively modernize and speed up, Merkel was sent away because the risk of burning, and in its place comes Nocerino. With all due respect to Nocerino, an honest worker in the midfield, this policy makes sense? It is the policy of the shrimp?
Only in Italy there is risk of fire and unfortunately this is not the first time that Milan loses interesting young for his excessive conservatism.
Abbiati has his age, began to falter with more and more ducks obvious, we have the best prospect among the young goalkeepers, that Antonio Donnarumma who with his extraordinary parades is holding up the cabin of Gubbio, and sent him away. Let's imagine for a moment what would have happened if he had been promising young Donnarumma to do like a duck (tante!) is doing Abbiati. Open up the sky! It would be finished in the third division and no one would have seen, has instead, even if recurrent, is still there.
That's why you burn the young, because you do not have any patience with them, that instead it allows players to infinitely far ahead over the years.
We have left-back in the future, De Sciglio, yet it hurts you prefer to move the Abbot and seasoned and award-Accident Bonera on the wing, rather than putting De Sciglio.
In attack we have El Shaarawi, arguably the best grass champ around the league and we look for the thirty Saviola, who has never broke down anywhere.
AC Milan no longer has the economic strength to renew the team draws the best elements, and adults have already established, the rest of the world and then, courage, we have good young people, now let's give him confidence! Sandro
We abandoned Merkel, he has only 90 Mins all season long in Serie A

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