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Originally Posted by Christian View Post
It's a great film it really is. Another awesome documentaries I just remembered is the King of Kong... this movie is just fantastic. It follows the two best Donkey Kong players in the world, getting ready for the ultimate matchup

If you got an hour and a half watch this, it's a great film

In 1982 Donkey Kong and Mario was the same game?

Looks very interesting, I'm gonna look for it.

BTW, this reminded me of a documentary on the subject, Second Skin, about World of Warcraft players, some guys with serious addiction to the game (it shows a kind of "clinic" to rehab gamers ), people who use the game to socialize, the industry around the game (people pay tons of money for itens in the game) and all that. Very interesting. For me it was kinda shocking also

Edit: The documentary is avaliable in youtube if someone is interested:

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