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Originally Posted by Sage View Post
they're desperate for a fight for the december 30 card, so they're booking t-wood vs nate diaz

what an awful fight...t-wood is just going to take him down at will for 5 rounds
Is it set? Last I heard Diaz camp hasnt accepted


Diaz asked for 15m for this fight

I don't dislike Nate (or Nick), and am actually a fan of theirs. But it's clear their heads are no longer in the "game" in a sense that they want to better themselves and close up their holes. Despite beating McGregor, Nate is actually not as good as many people and the UFC hype machine make him out to be. He is a lanky volume puncher who is also great at jiu-jitsu. He really hasn't improved on his wrestling to make himself a more imposing fighter. At this point, he just wants to milk the hype he got from McGregor fights and get big paydays.

The fact of the matter is, McGregor's brash yet clever trashtalk are what people tune in for, not Nate's simple "fuck you motherfucker". I doubt he would get another big payday unless he fights McGregor again. The fact that he is even in consideration for a title fight shows just how fucked the UFC title picture is at the moment.


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