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Originally Posted by KujaIX View Post
I really don't see the 'puberty blues' argument. I don't even see such a thing.. It's not like i have 'puberty blues' or am depressed and so it's just the calling card of stupid, foolish love-lorn teenage girls and melodramatic guys..

Still. Is that Gotze in your avatar? Or Pato? Because it looks similar to Pato but not really, and then i don't know what Gotze looks like tbh. I see it's Pato. Gotze looks nothing like that, although not bad himself in some pics, that's probably Pato's best pic though imo.

I was only playing anyway, still. It's like me saying Merkel or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will be the greatest ever...
um dude, according to sage's sig, gotze is the guy whose face you can't see.
how can u say that gotze looks like pato. it's the other guy you're talking about. in any case, how can it be pato that you're seeing? the only way for that to happen is that the pic would have to be doctored...for pato to be "playing on the same team as gotze" the pic doesnt look like it's had any work done. the fact that the players are hugging makes it harder to doctor too.

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