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\\tell me about your brother jammim My cousin from Saskatchewan called me and we laughed so hard for a long time
Lifelong ManUre fan (since at least 1998 according to him), fuck it I'll admit, he loves ManUre more than I love Milan, I don't think he has ever missed a match.

He's usually an extremely quiet, emotionless robot, but during ManUre matches he starts shouting at the TV. And I always make sure to disagree with everything he says (he didn't particularly like Cristiano Ronaldo, so I adored him) and celebrate as hard as I can whenever opposition scores (though during 2005-2009, I supported United against Liverpool).

I told him in the morning about rumours that Fergie was retiring and he just brushed them off saying it was the same old bullshit. Then when we were eating lunch, CNN broke the news, and I saw him do a 'wtf ' face and muttering to himself as he rushed to his laptop in his room. Fucker's been glued to it since.

He's still hoping it's gonna be Mourinho and he's gonna bring in Ronaldo.

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World cup.

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