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Originally Posted by RossoneriScot
Played them off the park for about 50 mins without taking our chances at 1-0 and we were punished - thats what has been happening this season so far!

Ah well aslong as we get back to winning ways in two weeks.

Good luck for tomorrow - hope you beat them!

The whole lot of them (hearts, rangers, celtic) hate them all and celtic even more so with their shitty fans!
I always find that I hate the most the one who has beaten us most recently though i do have a particular dislike for Ceptic spat at one at Ceptic park after they beat us 5-1!I would just laugh at any opposition after a 5-1 win though i must say i cannot recall the last time we won 5-1.
Would love to get a point or 3 tomorrow.
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