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Originally Posted by MookyRookie
Gary Payton and Malone are already gone this year or next... but I dont like to see Shaq and Kobe, 2 of the best players in the L, leaving L.A.... they are all for this team, the heart (Kobe) and the soul (Shaq)!!!!!!!!!!!
actually payton has renewed his contract the only one left is malone.. oh and about kobe is the heart and shaq is the soul, bwahahahahaha, where have u been? those two have never been close as teammates, the worst one was at the beginning of the season where shaq stated that kobe should be less selfish and give more ball to him and at the other hand kobe said shaq should just concentrate on loosing his weight...
after this season i find it hard to see those two playing side by side again, their ego as superstar of the team is too high and of course it's hard to find a coach that can settle them nicely..

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