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Originally Posted by Neruda View Post
checking the market prices and buying/selling? oesnt seem like fun

but how tho ? a high priced player bought at a low cost ? did u do this for 2 months 24/7
Buy relatively cheap players that aren't that well known but have good stats so some people that don't know their real value sell them at much lower prices.
2 years ago Tolisso was one such player for example.
When I was buying I would set the price at 1000 and buy all that I could find with prices ranging from 600 to 1000 didn't matter just buy them all. And then sell them set the low price 1200 and buy now price at 1600 or sometimes even more if he was selling well.
It would take me maybe half an hour to buy 50 such players and then put them back on the market.
Let's say I would make 300 profit on average per player. That's 15k for half an hours work (+1 hour it takes to sell but that's automatic).

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