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Originally Posted by Qaas View Post
His finishing (even though he hasnít been as sharp lately) and off the ball movements are good.
But You have to be blind not to see his weaknesses, which he has to improve to lead milanís attack.
So, I guess we should loan him and let Silva be a starter, yeah?

Originally Posted by Birsaforever View Post
He's very far from being a complete striker.

Maybe he would benefit from playing a season on a lower level where he would be more involved in the game, and develop those attributes he lacks.

Playing at Milan he would improve in a different way, i think he would grow into a specialized poacher a la Inzaghi, improving further those skills he already has at a good level.
Scoring goals > being a complete striker

Inzaghi, van Nistelroy and even Raul weren't "complete strikes" and they still were better strikers than a lot of the "complete" ones.

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