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Another Gaizka classic from this thread:
Originally Posted by gaizka22
Carlo Ancelotti last game for Milan

Not much is known about Ancelottiís playing day. He didnít score a lot of goals, his most memorable goal probably that 35 yard rocket that almost break the hand of Paco Buyo when Milan trashed Real Madrid 5-0 on April 19, 1989 during the second leg of the Champions Cup game. Aside from that wonderful goal, the man nicknamed the Terminator for his ability to terminate all attack was content to calmly guarded the midfield and his steady game allowed Rijkaard to venture forward.

Coming to Milan from Rome in season 87/88, Carletto won every major club cup trophies with Milan. In 91/92 season, the arrival of young Demetrio Albertini made the 33 years old realized that he will no longer be part of Fabio Cappelo plan. But he still had a last trick up on his sleeve and he intended to go on a high note.

The day was May 17 1992 and Milan played vs Verona in the 33rd game of the league. Having already secured their 12th scudetto a week before after a 1-1 draw vs Napoli at the Sao Paolo stadium, the tifosi were ready to celebrate their unbeaten season. Banners, flags and posters were all paraded and the stadium was a spectacular red and black show.

Milan started with Rossi, Tasotti, Maldini, Costacurta, Albertini, Donadoni, Rijkaard, Gullit, Massaro and Van Basten. It didnít take them long to start the party that the full capacity San Siro was expecting. Van Basten was fouled and after his customary one jump and 3 steps penalty-taking ritual; he converted his 11th penalty of the season in the 18th minute. It was his 23rd goal of the season (he would score 2 more in the last game away vs Foggia which Milan won 8-2 after falling 2-1 behind at half time and ended up as the seasonís top scorer). The 1-0 score lasted until the first half was over.

Marco Simone came for Albertini at half time and Gullit soon doubled the lead in the 48th minute with a left-footed shot just inside the penalty box as Milan continued to dominate the game. Then Carlettoís moment came when Capello took Gullit out in the 68th minute. Wearing no 14, it didnít take him long to change the game. Verona defense failed to clear a corner from the right side and the ball wildly bounced outside the box only for Ancelotti to lashed a thundering right foot shot that rolled on the ground and passed Gregori the Verona keeper in the 76th minute. 3-0 for Milan.

As if confirming that the day will be his, Ancelotti got more fired up. 1 minute after the restart, Stojkovic misjudged a pass and Ancelotti stole the ball from his feet and started dribbling to the box. He had Simone to his left but he continued his drive and delivered a precision shot that nested on the right side of the goal. 4-0 for Milan.

Ancelotti was mobbed by his team mate. Baresi, Donadoni and Rijkaard was still group hugging him when the captain said something which reduced them to a hearty laughter. For me, this 3 seconds scene summed up Milan in the 91/92 season: they were having fun, playing beautifully and winning games.

As the ref blew the final whistle, the fans descended for peaceful pitch invasion. Van Basten was forced to relinguish his jersey, Albertini was mobbed, Baresi had his captainís arm band stripped from his arm. At the end of the afternoon after the pitch was cleared; Ancelotti was hoisted and carried in his team mates shoulders as they parared him around the pitch to the crescendo of applause inside the stadium. Another Milan hero is making his last curtain call.
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