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Originally Posted by Billy_69
Let me welcome a fan of the most honest club in the world. The club that staged calciopoli thanks to telephone interceptions fabricated by Tronchetti, member of the board of directors of Inter and head of Telecom Italia. On orders directly from Moratti.

Let me welcome the winner of three scudetti, one after the other :

1) the scudetto di paperone, won in court with Juventus and Milan declassified by said interceptations.

2) the scudetto di cartone, won with all opponents heavily punished by point penalties or send to Serie B, also as a result from the Tronchetti-Moratti-Palazzi aka the new triade setup.

3) the scudetto del arbitrone, handed by the referees to the most honest club of all, giving our neramerdi at least 12 points in worth of offside goals, fake penalties and other nice matchwinning stuff.

Yeah, Inter really rules, god bless moratti and his bunch of scum. May they die in a fire and their loser fans with them.
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