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I agree
Originally Posted by JUANES
To my Heart:

Today, somebody called me to my cell phone and told me "what do you feel now that your milan is not going to champions league! it's over! it's over..kakį will go and your team will be ashamed to play in uefa cup!"

i got a deep breath and then i told him...n"othing its over...i still have a born catholic and i will have faith no matter what happens. Yes i know this things dont go 2gether but i am proud for all the moments this group has given me all this years".

now i realize that we might be in the downward spiral, but despite of that i still have that little light and piece of light that have brought me countless smiles. I dont know how long it will last , but i still believe in you.

Seasons ago, when we were out due to the calciopoli scandal, i wrote to you before...God listened to me and a miracle came up and you were in the champions league and we won it together. I could not believe that after all the troubles you passed for and me me passed by, you were still by my side.

Its true, you dont know who i am, you dont know that i exist, but that's the way things should be. Everybody says me always...dont expect the best because you will get dissapointed..

Im not expecting anything because its in the simple things that you give me joy always...and that's the way it is.

Even when i play PES 2008 and use AC MILAN in my xbox 360, or look at my poster i tell myself..gosh...i feel in my heart what a fan should feel. I remember the 2005 CL final in istanbul..i cried a lot...i was the joke of everybody...but we came back.

My heart, i know that you are going to give the best of you this coming sunday. I expect to be with you in those final moments of this matter what happens or the result.

It's not about kaką, pato, ronaldo or any upcoming players...its about what you have printed in my heart...the passion and the joy to be one of your fans.

i appreciate your hard work and despite the bad results..i will stand by you this sunday..and forever. I hope my future sons when i have them and my grandsons will share the joy that im enjoying today. Give to them what you have already given to me.

You dont have to prove anything my MILAN, just do your job and let God do the rest, He will decide. He is the best judge.

Forever with you, until we part away.

your fan and follower.


Juan Antonio Escudero
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