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My final say on this:
Hakan has clearly been playing like shit recently. He also has been playing really well for the same amount of games last season and he has showed the spark and was called by MANY posters our best player before the start of the season and the most creative one for sure. There was a reason for that. He is not a borini or abate, players that have been consistenly garbage or limited, the fact that two players are both playing badly, doesn't mean their quality is the same, unless youre Neruda of course. So, we have a player like that, what do we do? We either support him and hope he gets his form back, or throw him out right away for a funny price for todays standards. What do we do? Simply shitting on him isnt a solution, so whats the plan? I choose the first option, if he doesnt get his shit together before next season, I'll have to move on with a regret that a player with such creativity and talent didnt make it with us. I felt the same with other good players that left, including Pato. Neruda, mrki and other hakan bashers will probly feel like we got rid of honda (we even had the comparison) or borini. Cause, why think?

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