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Default EXCLUSIVE MN - Aug. Verdi: "Simon is growing thanks to Stroppa and Leonardo"

Interview of Antonio Vitiello
15.01.2010 12.13 by Antonio Vitiello Article read 433 times

Greater knowledge of the youth of Milan, Donato Orgnoni Prosecutor Simone Young Verdi, who made his debut in the Cup against Italy Novara, was contacted by to comment on the onset of the attacker's Spring:

Simon Verdi made his debut in the Italian Cup with the first team, a positive comment on the moment they are experiencing.

"I can not but be pleased with the growth that Simon has had during the year. Is fortunate to train every day with Mr. Stroppa, who immediately believed in him, and companions of Spring really good. If we add to this that often trains with the first team, I think there is every reason to do well and continue to improve. "

How does the few minutes that he played?

"The beginning is always particular. I liked the serenity and tranquility which has taken the field.

You think that in September, the Greens could be already stably integrated into the first team?
"Do not rush into. Both Mr. Stroppa that Mr. Leonardo are managing in the best possible way. Simon must think only to give his best with his comrades of Spring ".

What do you think of the youth project of Milan?

"The Company is working very well. The new organizational approach on the field of youth is starting to show results and are convinced that we will see other kids look out the first team. "

The management of Leonardo's youth?

"When you see two young men like DeVito and Verdi and other boys to begin Spring training often with the first team, I think we should not add anything to the excellent work of Leonardo."
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