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Originally Posted by Sheva0172 View Post
Paloschi's renewal of co-ownership -> 5 million (how?)
The current deal lasts till the end of this season - it is temporary. They will pay €5m to make it last longer (could well be permanent at that price).

Originally Posted by Sheva0172 View Post
So there are a lot of things i can't understand and i am really curious why we supposedly had to sell Kaká after missing the CL for 1 season.
Because we made a loss at the end of that financial year, due to the lack of Champions League football. Berlusconi did not want to simply write off the loss with his own money, as he has done in the past, and wanted the club to be self-sufficient. So Kaká was sold, the loss was dealt with.

Originally Posted by Sheva0172 View Post
Payroll from few months ago (without 40% taxes?)
I believe that is without tax (so it is net salary).

I would be rather skeptical of that story at the moment until something more concrete arises.
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