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Last Saturday I was watching a show called Expediente Futbol from Fox Sports Latinamerica, they showed the Intercontinental Cup of 1994 (extended highlights). Now, I never saw much of that, I just remember reading my brother's El Grafico from that final, that said Velez played super, Milan played arrogant, and the famous Costacurta rating of 2 (I laughed then while thinking of his awful performance, but I couldn't picture how bad it was...till I saw it).

Now, from watching the extended highlights and asking my brother what he remembers of it, Velez wasn't exactly that much more greater than us, in fact we were close to scoring several times, but Massaro missed some, while Savicevic didn't looked to sharp in that game. However, Velez did have a great kepper in Chilavert (how was at his prime back then). So Velez played normal (1st half)-good (second half), and Chilavert was super.

Now Milan playing arrogant I can see why (after all, in reality Velez is just a small team from the hood, unlike Boca, River, Independiente, etc), but I also keep in mind this argies like to play victims role (I clearly remember how in the 03' final Boca were comparing how poor they were in comparison to us, and that they were some kind of Robin Hood stealing from the rich...after beating us in pk's, and they are a rich team, probably not as much as us, but they do have money lots of money). It's hard to say from the looks of the game, maybe the preparation was different, more relaxed and all (taking care of the press), but looking at the highlights and what my brother told me, I would at least say we played it wanting to win it (as I said we had chances just that Massaro wasn't great and Chilavert was super).

So I was only able to agree with El Grafico with Costacurta's rating. I was between shocked, embarrased, and laughing when I saw everything. First a clumpsy penalty (1-0 lead), then a super mistake that lead to their 2-0 lead, and then a red card. He just looked so bad...kind of like in Laursen's best days with us. It's classic, I love Billy, but that just classic .

BTW, I don't know if Rossi had any weirdo outbreak before that, but watching him after their pk, you could totally see that guy was going to snap out of it one day (just the way he did years later).

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