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Originally Posted by Nestafan View Post
Constant is actually impressing me lately, certainly from an attacking standpoint. He hit three or four fanstastic crosses into the box against Ajax.He's strong and quick too, but i agree he is weak defensively.
As for Zapata and Zaccardo. Zaccardo is back- up to Abate, so surely you don't mind him as a sub. He played well against Sampdoria, which are the kind of games he can be useful in. Abate was given an opportunity to be rested too, for the Champions League encounter.

Zapata is a different story, because he is starting for us every week.
As a sub, he would be fine, but not as a starter. I wasn't impressed by him last season, and felt we should have spent the money on a different centre back. He's much better than he's showing lately though.

Agree with you 100 percent about Matri, we shouldn't have spent as much as we did on him[coming from a big fan of Matri}, but now that he is here, i think he will be a good alternative to our attacking options. Yes, he's started poorly, but he'll come good soon.

Good to see you back posting Jivara
Thanks mate!

I think constant has been our worst on field player so far this season. He has a different attitude to the one he had when he first joined, as if after we signed him outright he feels his place had somewhat been guaranteed and he can try out his off the street dribbles, he looks like a complete rookie and is clearly our most obvious weakness.

As for Zaccardo, the thing is we justify having these sort of players being back up players but in reality they are called upon to play very frequently and are completely different to the starting player so when they play it requires a completely different approach to the match so for example we use Abate to attack and cross a lot but Zaccardo doesn't offer that and his recovery speed in defense is also poor so that is a huge downgrade and we've seen these sort of players play vs the likes of Juve and CL teams it's something a club like Milan cannot afford IMO
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