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Originally Posted by Ash View Post
Like we turned up against Lazio?

My problem is that we literally have no rhythym in our game which in turns leads to players being out of position and us getting burnt on the counter.

Can we fucking stop the ridiculous high backline experiment? Its not gonna fuckin work when you have snails for CBs and shit wing backs
We need to stop tinkering with the lineups as well. If a player is clearly fatigued and needs rest that's different. But, for instance, Andre Silva isn't going to learn the league if he hardly gets to play.

We need to decide on a starting XI, Starting Strike Partnership, who does what in the midfield etc AND STICK TO IT. That way you'll eliminate much of the players running in the wrong direction, into each other etc. That's how you get rhythm. And TBH I'm leaning more to Cutrone-Silva up front.

Sage & Necro on Romagnoli:

Originally Posted by Sage View Post
I don't think even conte can make this clown a good defender. worst defender we've ever had
Originally Posted by necromancer View Post
Musacchio is a fair bit better than Romagnoli.
Necro on Bertolacci
Originally Posted by necromancer View Post
Bertolacci may very well be a must sign player, considering everything. He could be to us for the next five years, what Marchisio is to Juve.
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