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Originally Posted by Cescania
As I mentioned in Reggina's game topic, I saw Nakamura, midfield of Reggina, played very similar to Pirlo.
Yeah, I've seen him deliver good long passes, but I'm not certain he's as inteligent as Pirlo, as to change the wingof play. Pirlo has the great ability to anticipate the way Milan players are abundent in a certain area of the pitch and change the game to that side. He also anticipates very well the LB and RB(especially Cafu) as they alternate (what I mean is that when LB is up RB is in defence and vice-versa). He also has the great ability to anticipate the way the attackers move and to deliver good crosses(or long passes) to them. Ah, and he improvises a lot, and that's good for a Milan team in which all other players are very predictable. Nakamura can be good as a substitute for Pirlo and I think he'll be getting Milan new fans in Asia and implicitly a lot of money.


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