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Originally Posted by drucurl

Get off your high horse....everyone has imprefections. Judge players on their contribution to the team and NOT on their personalities. And FYI "foxes don't meawwww"
i never denied ronaldos ability, and if the world player of the year award goes to someone other than him then that would be the biggest crime. i dont deny he scored many goals mostly spectacular ones, created many assists also spectacular ones, and contributed in all aspects to man utds success this year. that would be stupid, only idiots hide from the truth, but it is also true that his personality is probably the worst in the history of the sport, what a cocky sob, i dont want him here, there are many other great players, with a much more humble personality, if we had this shit then we will lose our reputation as a respected team because ive never seen so many people hate a person he could go into contention with george bush. let him stay where the spotlight is contstantly over his head just how he likes it so that when he fucks up we get to have a bigger laugh at him while he starts crying again (i wish terry scored that PK)

p.s. meaw was a joke ffs
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