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Originally Posted by drucurl
Inter ARE better.....damn these "oh we're milan we rock" posts are f**king annoying You are making Tsar look like a genius with this shit.

Can you just go up to Tera Patrick/Jessica Alba/ Beyonce etc and say "hey baby how 'bout it " and Expect her panties to drop NO!! HELL NO!! do something Special you must HAVE something special!!!

How could we possibly compete with Inter who are potentially going to look like this :
(worse case lineup)


Zambrotta-Nesta-Kaladze-(some shit)

^ That means that we are THOROUGHLY owned in 6 out of the eleven positions on paper....and that's optimistically hoping that Pato is hopefully going to be better than Ibra. We only win 3 (Kaka>Lampard, Nesta>Everybody, Pato>Ibra)......hopefully we can tweak that up to four depending on how Pirlo plays.......Comparing the bench is even more depressing with the likes of Vieria, Balotelli, Samuel, Figo, Crespo, Jimenez and Cruz waiting in the wings to battle with Seedorf, Maldini, Paloschi Ambro Brocchi and Emerson

We aren't sure to get either Adebayor OR Ronaldinho and if they do there are HUGE questionmarks about either one being suited to Milan. One is tragically out of form and the other hasn't shown that he can hack it consistently.

Those who are pessimistic aren't any less fans of Milan....they are the more realistic guys who know they'll have a better shot at picking the chick up at the 7-11 than Jesse Jane
Bah, Inter had maybe the best squad of paper for the past 20 years, and we all know how it turned out.

You should know that.

As for the team squad, you can't compare the teams head to head. Last year, with our main striker (at least what he was supposed to be) out, and our cock in defense (Nesta) out, we managed to defeat them.

And Lampard sucks ass, overrated.

Don't ever claim Merda are better than Milan. They have a loser's aura around them. Hope the fags die.

However, this is not the thread for this.

I remember the time we played Dortmund in the UEFA Cup, some years ago. We lost the first match 4-0, and led by 2-0 at half time at the rematch.
Could have died that game...


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