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Originally Posted by Soldier
Sticky or not, someday it will be

No I do not want to be a moderator.

Brazil, With 5 Stars up at their shirts..are the masters of football....

This thread is for both NT and the League. Italy's thread should be for both also since it is Called Italian Football Thread, not Serie A Thread.

I will be posting some quality photos and videos for the National Team.

And It's the Brazilian thread, not the Soldier thread.
Simple as it comes, but since we have quite amount of Brazil Football fans, I thought it would be approprate.

Please, for those guys who can't find anything else in the world than to insult me, please send me pm's..I will not report you guys....Just don't ruin this thread...

And Let the Samba..Dance..Continue
Viva La Brazil
Me like u.
4za Brazil

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