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Originally Posted by Congo Powers View Post

they should absolutely keep it...because when lebron leaves next summer they're fuuuucked
I don't know man I don't think LeBron will leave.

Originally Posted by Congo Powers View Post
short-sighted...when they got a 25 year old pg?

idk dog, the one thing ainge didn't need was more future assets. they already got their kids for the future
I feel like this deal was a win for both teams.

Cavs: short term wise they got a good replacement for Kyrie and Crowder will allow LeBron to rest more.

Celtics: they got a franchise player they can use to attract players and build around.

That 1st pick is a head scratcher though for the Cavs managment. Do you wait a year to get a good draftee or do you include players + the pick to get someone like Boogie.
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