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Originally Posted by madtherchot
^^ I wouldn't say A. is a coward. Look at Kaka' + the number of chances he's given Gila and Bonera ...

Fact remains, Gourcuff wasn't as good as Clarence or Kaka' this season. But he'll improve with time. I think he's got a fantastic touch and ball control. He can pass the ball as well, but like A. said, isn't much of a team player at Milan. Give him time to settle in + get used to the Milan 'system' (of which he's ideal because he's got bags of skill) ... and then we'll gradually see him become a regular.
Gourcuff isn't much of a team player ?

He runs for everyone so they can put the ball somewhere.
He gives alot of passes and tries to work for the team.

He placed alot more effort on the field then Seedorf in the Seria A
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