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Originally Posted by madtherchot
[edited] Because there was no doubt then that Ronaldo wasn't injury prone, and all blame was of course, Milan Lab's. And there was no possible way that Gilardino would eventually have a better season than Ronaldo (as shitty as that sounds) ... Yep, and as events have turned out, I couldn't possibly have been more correct, and you, well ... wrong.
[edited] That has nothing to do with the discussion or the disrespect you show towards Ronaldo not only as a Milan player but as a LEGEND of world football. We were talking about overall ability and past achievements and you posted quite a bit of nonsense like the Sheva example. [edited]

Originally Posted by madtherchot
In the same way, its not possible to think that Zidane is in fact the more complete footballer, and that Ronaldo did indeed have quite a talented bunch behind him in '02. And perhaps Brazil wouldn't be five time champs had it not been for ... Rivaldo. All this is preposterous nonsense ...
Again youre trying to turn around your previous ridiculous conclusion that Zidane dominated WC1998 and Ronaldo didn't in 2002. Did Zidane not have a talented bunch behind him which even managed to eliminate opponents without him? Wouldn't France be a champion without the fantastic goalie and back four, and Djorkaeff, Petit, Deschamps? No world cup winning team has been crap you know, but that doesn't mean Ronaldo's achievement in 2002 is to be devalued. He was better than Rivaldo in 2002. End of. As far as complete players go I never said Zidane wasn't, but so was Ronaldo, only in a more striker oriented way. And he had the whoa element, the flashyness & attractiveness which separated him from other complete strikers, including Van Basten as his closest.
Originally Posted by madtherchot
And I don't need to look around other websites to substantiate my opions ... I've seen and I've compared, and surprise, I've come up with an opinion of my own. MVB was probably the best forward ever ... was surely a better passer, team player, airier threat + poacher than Ronaldo. He wasn't your stereotypical fancy Brazilian dribbler, but he used intelligent routines at the right time ... and IMO proved more effective. I have no doubt whatsoever that he had the better 'football brain' as did Zidane, and no power, strength, or indeed fetish can make up for it.
Ronaldo being on Pele and Maradona level is my opinion as well, but its backed up by many and that gives it more weight. Ronaldo has incredible football intelligence which I don't think is lower than any other player in history and his instinct for positioning (meaning making runs onto throughballs as a much more difficult task than getting in the right position when youre in the box to tap or head in) is better than Van Basten's.
Originally Posted by madtherchot
PS. Of course I'm not beautiful you idiot
You're not many things.



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