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Originally Posted by MilanMB View Post
Lmc? Bench Muntari?

Pls say yes.
Unless they see him as a winger, which I doubt tbh.


Merda forum posters are mad about it:

but Bonaventura will haunt us... what an epic fail today!

I can't get to sleep now, thinking of some blunts.
Yup, Aids is a genius but his plan fucked up this time.

It was in his plan all this time that we went after Biabiany just to make them sign him.

He only revealed his true intention after Milan officially signed Biabiany and went after Bonaventura.

It's Zacardo, fucking Zacardo, motherfucker crewed with us, I cant believe a genius plan was ruined by that old piece of shit.
Giacomo will haunt us!
I feel like an idiot wasting my time refreshing fcinternews, fuck this, I'm off.

Just want to congratulate the idiot who sold Botta and Álvarez without having a secure replacement. Cheers, dumbfuck.

And this is how you close a deal, useless cunts:
And this is only like some quotes from 2 pages and theres plenty more

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