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Originally Posted by MilanMB View Post
As much as I respect cro cop for his previous achievements, this will definitely be a crap fight. Cro cop is so finished.
true, cro cop will get huge money for that fight and Mir will 'boost' his confidence for upcoming fights although that boost confidence stuff is crap because cro cop doesn't give a damn these days and he is talking about crop cop like he was the same fighter from PRIDE just to make that win so great.."wow i beat cro cop", so sad. cro cop didn't even have enough time to prepare, fucked up with injuries, not aggressive as he once was, trying to minimize potential injuries and to earn more money while he still can. i repeat, so sad.

at least he didn't loose his sense of humour, would like to see him destroy Mir and retire as winner but there are slim chances for that..

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