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Originally Posted by Sven View Post
I didn't agree with the sales of Balo and Cristante, but I get there's things going on.
For Cristante though... even if he was aked to be sold, it raises some questions about Milan work with this guys. It's important to "raise" stars nowadays and we can't lose them so early.

Anyway, besides it, putting things into perspective, Galliani did a hell of a job. He was basically asked to rebuild the team and still profit 20M while doing it - and he did it.

Improvement in CB, GK and wings. Decent gambles for CF, CM and reserve LB.
More or less all our needs attended.

That also raise questions about or finances... We don't have CL football now, ok, but it's been 2 seasons since we drastically reduced wages and we still don't have money for transfers.
Nice post yet I'm impressed that G has done fine so far; I'm ok with selling as he was not convinced with Milan plan and I can't blame him; he is young; naive and doesn't want to adapt with high work rate tactic of SP.

I was completely against selling Crista but then later I realized maybe we want to give him. Vance to exploit outside of Italy and let him gain experience and play time so he can be ready to come back and lead out MF!

Bona is a good signing and he will help us to produce more in the second part and help the strikers to have their full chances.

Monty + NDJ + Bona + Poli can make a solid backbone for the coming four years hopefully when Crista and other Primavera MF with Mastoir can take the responsibility.

For sure we need for a striker and MF in the future when we will participate in CL tournament but for this year ( SA & Coppa Italia ) we have very good and solid squad to win the titles against any team with the proper tactic and plan.

Good luck for SP as i can't expect from him to win the titles because he is newbie in coaching but I can feel that he will achieve good results with his team.
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