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Guys, Hello to all of you!
I know preferred GP formation is 4-3-1-2 and it looks quite obvious that this formation is giving very good prospects for incoming season.
The thing is for this formation to be really successful, we will need in my opinion to spend in another attacker like Correa the management is trying to bring, with almost 50M to spend. So I was thinking after the few pre-season matchs, with the players we have, if that wouldn't be better to use Carlo's Christmas tree formation with Paqueta and Suso playing Kaka-Seedorf role just behind the single forward Piatek or Leao.
This would give us a really strong middlefield with on my preference:

.............Paqueta - Suso

.....Benacer Hakan Bonaventura

Krunic, Kessie, Borini as good subs, with possibility to play Benacer in the middle. Then let's sell Biglia as very slow and always playing behind.

This will then allow us to have the 50M to save or to spend on RB or a very good CM playmaker...
Just some thoughts I wanted to share. And during some games, when we need to go all attack, we can sub one AM for Castillejo...
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