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Originally Posted by Arsene View Post
Some people think he's age chat. From what I seen he looks 17 and I personally dont think he is. What do you think.......are we dealing with uncle Kanu/Martin situation here?
The age-cheating thing is not a problem peculiar to Nigerian or African football. I mean, just after Falcao signed for Monaco...remember that incident with his age?? And that was just his birth certificate, not even a scan. Yes. Falcao of all people. It happens EVERYWHERE. A lot of players today have their real age and their 'football age'. The football age is around 2-5 years off. I mean, a LOT of players.

Unfortunately once a Nigerian or African is caught up in such a scandal, the fingers pointing are NUMEROUS, as compared with others. Esp. when that individual is part of a team that just distinguished itself in a competition.

It's the way the world is and I'm not complaining.

Chrisantus was an OBVIOUS age cheat. Kelz OTOH is nothing more than 16. Your scouts should easily verify that from multiple credible sources.

Kanu and Martins? Papilo was an icon for your club. Obafemi was a hardcore striker. No question about their ages because they started petering out at around the normal time for strikers and forwards (mid-30s).

Um there's a correction here..Kanu is legit but Obafemi? Naah..the articles say he's 29 but I'm sure he's like 33 or so. Had to clarify that.
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