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Knocking cricket off its perch: The development of football in India
18 May, 2011 | by Simon Godfrey

In a country which is growing at a rapid rate economically and with a population exceeding 1.2 billion (and growing) two questions arise: 1) what chance there is of football replacing cricket as the most popular sport in India? And 2) Are we likely to see the Indian national team being able to compete on the world’s largest stage any time soon?

I have been working in India for 3 weeks now and I can tell you this – football is a popular sport in India. I have a range of 6 sports channels in my hotel room and 3 of them are constantly showing football. I’m able to watch re-runs of all the top games from the EPL and Serie A, I can watch live EPL games throughout the week and I can also watch the Champions League live. But one thing is very obvious: there’s absolutely no coverage of any Indian football.
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