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Originally Posted by jammin View Post
Haha yea. At least he knows his football, I respect his loyalty, and he hates the sub-continent bandwagon "Man U" fans as much as me.

Last season was amazing as a ManUre hater. That 6-1 (I was screaming MARIO BALOTELLI! the whole game), CL elimination, and that epic final day trolling from City. His reaction was just priceless. Locked himself in his room for the week.

And then this season RVP had to ruin everything.

But by far the worst day was our loss to them with Leo. Worst part was that I had been taunting him pre-game with the fact that we have always beaten them (at least in the games I watched). That was just painful.
one of my friend's friend drove down from Greenville South carolina (KGs birth place ) for graduation and he was manu fan .. omg i was a tremendous dick to him .. he was so nice :d then we discussed about football when there was this party going on .. nice lad .. dude had rui costa as the top midfielder thats all i cared we drank like shit with some random womens basketball team from the nearby community college

cheers for ending semesters and production line of for new ladies

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