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Originally Posted by crazymilangirl
Damn, you've read all the books i want to read.

Well mate, i LOVE paulo coelho and his books..they are all awesome and has like a message behind the stories he tells. I think his books can help whoever is open minded and understands the

well i think you should read the zahir, it is 300+ pages but imo its worth it. Its actually 3 or 4 stories connected to one big story which is a man looking for his wife...doesnt know is she is kidnapped, if she left him after 10 years of marriage or if he has been ignorant and didnt listen when she told him she'd leave..or if she is dead since she was a war correspondent..

read it, but i dont know what other poeple would think of it, especially since you dont know what to think of paulo coelho..give it a chance though

have you read the alchemist? it comes after "a pilgrimage" (i think) and in "the zahir" he keeps mentioning his other books..the main character in "the zahir" is actually himself..he says a writer can only write about his own just a warning: the alchemist, the pilgrimage and his other books are mentioned in "the zahir" but overall..its a good book and i cant remember last time i read a book i liked this much

farouk: fanx mate, i was the only one wondering LOL sounded like a teenage book...i never liked those but if i ever see it, i might give it a chancec
well I think I do like his writing style, or at least the topics he covers.
Yeah in Veronika decides to die, he mentions himself in 2 short scenes, and I noticed, that this book is heavily autobiographied, what I mean is, he takes some of his life experiences and writes about it, for example, he was sent to a psycho clinic too, and all...

No I only read Veronica decides to die, and 11 Minutes from Coelho.

I like reading long books, so I think I'll get The Zahir and The Alchimist ^^

thanks for the recommendation.

I read your other post about coelho in this thread, and
in veronica decides to die, it's the simple question "what is crazy? what does it mean?"

I dont remember the "question" in 11 minutes, but I thinki it was about "what is freedom" too.


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