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Originally Posted by thismisery
I read your other post about coelho in this thread, and
in veronica decides to die, it's the simple question "what is crazy? what does it mean?"

I dont remember the "question" in 11 minutes, but I thinki it was about "what is freedom" too.
great that you guna get them, mate

yea, i like these question that nobody really has an answer to, and he always takes on topics that concerns everyone on this like, you kinda make your own answers to these questions..

i like the "what is crazy" a kewl author really...

you know, i was reading this book in class and my norwegian teacher goes.."it looks like you really love to read, can you recommend any books for the whole class to read?"
and i went: "um..i dont really like to read but this book is rather interesting and abt recommending, i think ill wait 'till i finish this book"

LOL as if everyone in the class would "thank" me if i recommend "the zahir"...300+ pages,,,the people would freak out! especially the blondes xD
i dont mind the books length as long as its interesting...

OMG i swear "lies of silence" was sooo goddamn boring!

With a courage that was more than human he managed to leave a message for the entire world: "Do not submit to exploitation, of any kind; maintain a tenacious grip on veracity; better die with honour than live in shame".
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