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Originally Posted by Mystik
I haven't posted here in a while but I just had to leave my two cents concerning this matter. manutd_fan, if there's ANYONE in the world with this x_factor then it's Lionel Messi. He's literally unplayable and if you want to talk about entertainment, Messi provides boatloads of it every match (unless entertainment for you = stepovers and pretty flicks). IMO He's the best at dribbling in the world and look a what he's done so far this season now that he's stayed fairly injury free. Also don't even pretend that Messi doesn't get hacked every game...there are at least 3 players on Messi every match just look at the Sevilla game last weekend. Yet he still managed to produce 2 goals.
I see what you mean, but what I mean by X Factor is that Ronaldo is much more of a character for lack of a better phrase. Poeple look at Messi and think "God he's awesome, how did he do that", but Ronaldo puts many more thoughts in peoples minds. Either when he gets on fans nerves, dives, get taken out, does a peice of skill, makes a mistake, ect.

I think he is more of a performer than Messi in that people watch games just to see him fail.

I do agree though that Messi is more talented, but last year IMO Ronaldo was the better player overall.

Originally Posted by Mystik
Dru: The difference between C. Ronaldo and Messi is that Cristiano can actually go MISSING for nearly an entire game, pop in with a goal and he's a hero. He had a great goalscoring tally last season, but goals don't always = good performances and Cristiano doesn't provide the WOW performances that Messi provides which is why I personally rate Messi above him. Messi's game may be incomplete but if he's unplayable as is then why should that concern him? And take a look at Messi's stats so far now that he's avoided injury...that's all I have to say about his end product.
Thats actually true. I've said before that Ronaldo's peformances are/were nothing compared to his in 2006/2007 where he blew everybody away up until his injury vs Everton which effectively ended his season.

But you can't look beyond the amount of goals he scored last year IMO.
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