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Originally Posted by Allan_Somewhere View Post
@Derpu I finished Anohana and it was extremely good.

The ending theme is beautiful and on par (if not better) than My Most Precious Treasure in Angel Beats.

I would post the complete song but all of them have spoilers from the series.
this song is actually what piqued my interest to watch the anime did the same with Genshiken, Genshiken, Gatchaman, Silverspoon (to name a few) and was not disappointed.

only not-so-good anime that I watched based on the OP/ED song was Blood+

on another note, watched Arpeggio of the Blue Steel : Cadenza and Bakuman live action on cinema last week. First one was awesome though I heard it took a different direction than the manga.

Bakuman live action was just a pile of shit. If you loved the manga/anime I think you will hate the movie

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