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Originally Posted by Mr Delicious View Post
It wasn't a jab though, I'm giving Conte the props he deserves. I just wish he wasn't an idealistic dumbass with Italy picking the worst squad in fucking decades. Then gets praised for overachieving

But Citys squad is amazing. It's without a doubt the top 3 best squads in PL and top 6-7 in the world. The issue is it isn't Peps player preference. At Bayern it was so stacked he had all the attributes he needed for any tactic. The only thing he needed was a bit of luck. It took him like a month to solidify his philosophy. He STILL hasn't done that with City. The question is why.

Is it bad personell? Is it a stagnation in tactics? Is it adapting to a league with vastly different characteristics and failing?

I'll go with bad personel for his tactics. He's not a mediocre coach but at this point I can't say he's the best coach in the world
Great coaches are able to adapt and that's why I don't rate Guardiola highly. He always needs everything in his favor in order to get results.

Personally I don't think City has a good team either. There's too many holes in midfield and defense.

Plus he's stubborn so his tactics don't change (and this is why Monaco and Chelsea were able to sit back and hit him hard on the counter).
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