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Originally Posted by Rickaka View Post
My yearly recap of the Eredivisie season which nobody reads:

PSV are the deserved champions. Not the most spectacular team/season but decent and consistent. Their club structure is really solid and purposeful, starting with their CEO (who is moving to Everton it seems) all the way to coach Cocu who is really looking to be a talented coach in the sense of being consistent and level headed. They probably are going to need to rebuild as a lot of their key players will leave (van Ginkel, Lozano, Arias and probably more). With their board though, they will manage fine and while they might need a rebuilding year, they always have talent on the come up, supertalent Bergwijn might be the next to be the star.

Ajax have been through some shit. Bosz left after a confrontation with the board (Overmars, van der Sar and Bergkamp) last summer and they promoted the youth coach Keizer while he was totally not ready. He did okay and started to get things under control, then was fired halfway through the season by the same board that appointed him when he was not ready. Pressure on the board started building up, they appointed FC Utrecht coach ten Hag. He's doing shit too and by losing 3-0 to PSV in the champions game last weekend, it's chaos at Ajax now. The board is almost demanded to leave and hooligans even confronted the players. Their star player Ziyech is 100% leaving and de Ligt could move too. Really interesting to see what will happen in the coming season.

Feyenoord is back to being shit. Their championship last season was an outlier.

Twente (the 2010 champions) are relegating because their previous management fucked up their finances. Historically it's a pretty big club in the Netherlands so it's a shock.

As far as players go: Lozano is one of the most hyped and best players of the league, if he has a good WC, he's moving for big bucks. De Ligt (18 yo cb, already captain of Ajax) is certainly the best talent in the league and has undeniable WC talent, he could go to any club and immediately be a starter imo. Other exciting players are Bergwijn (fast/tricky attacker with good technique for PSV), Frenkie de Jong (playmaking midfielder who can dictate games for Ajax, played part of the season as CB), Ziyech (creative cm for Ajax, is leaving), Tagliafico (Lb for Ajax) and Zoet (GK for PSV).
1. What happened to Dolberg?

2. I do not think De Light is ready.

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